Hello world!

Well as the post says <Hello World>, I am giving another shot at the art called blogging. I am a person who likes to speak his mind out and make his point but not to the entire world on a public domain. I have a select group with whom I share my thoughts, so I never really felt the need to blog. However, I believe in second chances 🙂

My previous blog is lost somewhere on this Internet but I am sure it is resting in peace.

So here it goes, this is my first blog entry, a new beginning! My first entry would be about my journey to paradise, the holiest place for any biker – Ladakh! It is a travelogue written by my friend, Maneesh Joshi who was our lead on the journey. This journey will always be a special one for me! Anyways, the next post will be an experience in itself for anyone who reads it as the Travelogue will actually bring the entire journey in front of any reader. So settle down for a long post and enjoy the bike ride that every biking enthusiast dreams of!

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